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Hydrating & Purifying Soap


This 100% natural soap bar was handcrafted using the artisanal cold soap making process to guarantee you daily moments of pure freshness and a lasting sensation of wellbeing. The mix of extra virgin olive oil and precious vegetable oils, will deeply hydrate your skin and gently purify it making it silky-smooth to the touch. It is beneficial for all types of skins and particularly suitable for problem skins. The Soap for Good collection is socially responsible and a share of its proceeds is redirected to a tuition fund sponsoring the education of Lebanese children.


INGREDIENTS : Olive Oil, Bay Laurel Oil (10%), Coconut Oil, Castor Oil



Peppermint (No. 141)

Indian Tea Tree (No. 133)

Eucalyptus (No. 134)

Rosemary (No. 136)

Lavander (No. 137)

Scots Pine (No. 138)

Lemongrass (No. 139)

Exotic Verbena (No.140)


100% Natural, eco-friendly & vegan.

Free of EDTA, parabens, artificial colorants, and chemical preservatives

This soap is not tested on animals.


NET Weight: 100G

Soap for Good

    • In order to better preserve your Rēs soap bar after washing, place it on a grilled soap dish or hang it with its string.
    • Keep away from light and moisture.
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